• Diana Boley

Mom is not my real name.

Welcome and hello! I'm Diana and I’m so excited you are here!

After I had my first 2 kids, I fell into a depression and I started to have anxiety. Most people don't know that about me. I've been more open about it in the past year about it and I will share stories in my podcast and on this website. I have been dealing with depression and anxiety for a long time.

I remember when my two oldest were little and just feeling like the world was caving in on me. I felt like I couldn't get anything done, and feeling like I didn’t know what to do with my life.

I got some help, I was on medicine for a little while, I went to a doctor about it. I had counseling. She totally understood where I was coming from and what I was talking about. A couple of years later I got off the medicine, but I still deal with depression and anxiety on occasion.

I feel like I'm finally, 20 years later coming out of it.

I'm really really excited about life again. I've started things like this podcast which I'm really humbled to do. I feel like that this is a calling that it is from God to help other women with struggles like I have had.

Mamas Living Happy is a place for busy moms like me, who trying to balance life. Oh my gosh, there are so many balls in the air it's not even funny.

A little more about me:

  • I’m just an average American mom in the craziness of #momlife.

  • I’m not an expert and I don't claim I'm perfect, in fact, I’m far from perfect.

  • Because I'm not an expert, I'm going to interview other moms in my podcast. And, I'll be learning right along with you.

  • I've been a mom for 21 years. My oldest is 21, and my youngest is 11.

  • I’m the mom of four amazing kids, who keep me busy.

  • We live in the suburbs.

  • I'm married to James - my first kiss and best friend since high school.

  • I love meeting new friends.

  • I'm a loyal Harry Potter fan.

  • I am genuine.

  • I love traveling around the world, especially on service missions.

  • I'm devoted to my faith.

  • I have anxiety and depression, but I work to find joy and happiness in life.

  • Lastly, I am a recovering food addict. I’m very open about my addiction and the miracles I have seen in recovery.

I feel like that ever since my first son was born, that I have been a mom.

I get called Mom, like 7 billion times a day. Right? Don't you feel that way sometimes as a mom? Oh my gosh, I totally feel like that.

I've been on a journey of self-discovery, remembering who Diana is and finding me again. This podcast is a huge part of that.

As I tried to decide the name of my first episode, I decided on "Mom Is Not My Real Name." Because, like I said I get called Mom so many times a day.

My name is Diana, it is not Mom.

Honestly, to be called mom is a badge of courage that we should wear proudly. I love having this badge, but I'm also trying to figure out who I am. And most days I feel like I don't have it together. Being a mom is really really hard, and it's really really enjoyable.

As a mom living with depression and anxiety every day, I know that life can get tough. And some days, I have just felt really really lonely. There have been days when I have been too weak to stand. so I have done the only thing that I could do and that is kneel.

I'm so grateful for a God in heaven who is there for me… Everyday. I am so grateful for that God who will help each one of us in our trials.

Don’t get me wrong, I have amazing friends and an amazing husband. Friends who will come running if I need them.

live a joyful life.

I hope to be able to share these things with you. The things I've learned, and the things I've learned from other moms.

I know that you have a million things today and I’m grateful you took the time to spend here on my wesbsite. I truly hope you will nuggets of wisdom that can help you in your life.

Embrace your messy beautiful life and enjoy every minute of it.

I hope you have a good day and remember:

Mom is not your real name either.
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