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A podcast and blog where experts and real moms who open up about their struggles.

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Welcome to Mama’s Living Happy - where moms like YOU are finding strength, support, and sanity in our busy lives.


As mamas, we have a lot to do. Our lives pull us in all directions! 

Many mamas feel lost and alone.

There is a community here for you - a Mama Tribe - who are ready to listen to your voice.

Together we are finding peace, purpose, and joy in motherhood. 

Hi! I’m Diana, founder of Mama’s Living Happy, and I really love warm hugs. LOL!


Growing up, I always wanted to be a mom. I dreamed I would have a perfectly organized home, and my kids would be the most well-behaved ones in the neighborhood. 


That was until I had kids. Between carpools, mounds of laundry, and never-ending dishes, it can be a little crazy around our house. 


More about me: 
  • I have four kids, who keep me busy.

  • I'm married to James - my first kiss and best friend since high school.

  • I love meeting new friends.

  • I'm a loyal Harry Potter fan and I love Chick-fil-A.

  • I am genuine.

  • I love traveling around the world, especially on service missions.

  • I'm devoted to my faith.

  • I have anxiety and depression, but I work to find joy and happiness in life. 

  • I am a recovering food addict. I’m very open about my addiction and the miracles I have seen in recovery. 

Even in the craziness of motherhood, life is
better than I ever imagined it would be.
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